[freshports-coders] FreshPorts & AWS - trimming excess services

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Thu Jan 21 23:16:43 UTC 2021


The freshports-coders mailing list has been sleeping for 5 years. Many of you probably forget you were subscribed.

Today, I want to discuss removing services I created when getting FreshPorts to work on AWS. In a recent FreeBSD Status Report (https://www.freebsd.org/news/status/report-2020-10-2020-12.html) I asked for help with AWS - three people stepped forward and they are now on this list.

First, why AWS? Because I want to avoid the rush when hardware dies. The recent hardware failure in August 2020 (https://news.freshports.org/2020/08/26/the-server-died/) was a stressful time. I have that server repaired and a second server (Dell R720) ready to go. They will be deployed to data centers as soon as I feel it is safer to travel to the New Jersey and New York locations. In the meantime, we are running on old hardware, deployed in 2006 (https://www.freebsddiary.org/dual-opteron.php).

AWS has given FreshPorts some credits under their Open Source programs (https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/opensource/aws-promotional-credits-open-source-projects/) and I've fired up an EC2 instance (FreeBSD 12.2) and an RDS instance (PostgreSQL).

My current request is guidance for removing various services which are no longer required. I want to make sure they are not used before deleting them. From trial and error while getting FreshPorts working, I have multiple instances of these which I wish to remove:

* Internet Gateways
* Egress Internet Gateways
* Network ACLS

For example, my RDS instance has 6 subnets - not all of them are required.

While I think I could do that on my own, having another set of eyes / recommendations would help.

I also need to change the RDS subnet to a non-routable subnet.  Right now, it's on address but only accepting incoming connections from my EC2 instance.

Thank you for being on the list.

Dan Langille - BSDCan / PGCon
dan at langille.org

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