[freshports-cvs-all] CVS update: www/include

Dan Langille dan at xeon.unixathome.org
Sun Jul 23 06:33:14 PDT 2006

Date:	Sunday July 23, 2006 @ 9:33
Author:	root

Update of /home/repositories/freshports-1/www/include
In directory xeon.unixathome.org:/tmp/cvs-serv30187/include

Modified Files:
      Tag: FreshPorts2
Log Message:
The SUM icon has had whitespace removed from around it. Therefore, adjust
the WIDTH and HEIGHT for that icon here.
Start using the new watch add and watch remove icons.  Adjust the text
accordingly to make more sense.

File: no file freshports.php		Status: Needs Checkout

   Working revision:	Sun Jul 23 13:33:14 2006
   Repository revision:	/home/repositories/freshports-1/www/include/freshports.php,v
   Sticky Tag:		FreshPorts2 (branch: 1.4.2)

   Existing Tags:
	FreshPorts-VuXML         	(revision:
	FreshPorts_2003_05_04    	(revision:
	RELEASE-beta-2003_03_07  	(revision:
	FreshPorts2_Launch       	(revision:
	preW3C_HTML_validation   	(revision:
	FreshPorts1              	(branch: 1.4.4)
	FreshPorts2              	(branch: 1.4.2)
	ads_2000_10_20           	(revision: 1.3)
	r2001-09-27              	(revision: 1.1)

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